Our research on IT companies  supplying services and products to the banking, insurance and finance sectors in Scotland indicates that there is a significant cluster of these companies in the Central Belt. At least 60% of the companies are based in Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Company Connecting: Interactive map of IT companis supplying products and services to the banking, insurance and finance sectors

We have over 700 IT companies in the Edinburgh and surrounding area (EH Post Code). 61% of the companies have less than 10 employees, and less than 7% have 100 employees or more. Around a third of companies work in the area of software development, slightly lower than in Cambridgeshires. The main sectors that companies supply their services too are IT, Financial Services and Healthcare. The Oil & Gas sector takes fourth place which is interesting, as the main Oil & Gas companies are located further north.

Word Cloud of the Sectors that companies in Edinburgh and the surrounding area work