What is the best metric for measuring success on Facebook and Twitter?

Our next article from Echobox focuses on the metrics for measuring success on Facebook and Twitter.

The problem of assessing the effectiveness of publishing on social media is not a lack of measurement, but rather a paradox of choice: there are so many metrics, but no clear consensus on what the best metric for gauging the effectiveness of the platform might be.

When’s the best time to share on Facebook?

Social media insights from social media & publishing experts, Echobox. They and their AI ‘Larry’ work with publishers and marketing teams.

Good social media marketing tools need to take into account your audience — or they will inevitably lead you astray.

When’s the best time to share on Facebook? Image

We continue our look at companies working in various areas of Augmented Reality. 

Andrew Jackson, director of ooh-AR has a background in journalism and publishing . He had a 'Eureka' moment four years ago when he saw his first AR demo. He knew immediately the value that AR could add to print projects. He loved the concept and was fascinated by all the possibilities.

Augmented Reality representation accompanying the article on ooh-AR