“Fairy Glen School for Fairies – An Adventurous Journey”, is a full colour digitally illustrated children’s book, developed by David Plested as part of his University degree curriculum. The business idea was to create a product that could help parents better connect their children to nature and the environment. The story is set within a popular local visitor area owned by the RSPB,

Picture of fairies accompanying the articles Fairies in the Highlands exist, with the help of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Our first map of 2016 is an interactive map of companies with clients in the environmental sector or providing environmental systems.

MAP of IT companies working with Environmental Systems

Read about Hazel Ewan of Tracker Environmental Software. She was one of the first women to 'go offshore' in the early stages of the oil industry in the 1970s.

Hazel Ewan of Tracker Environmental Softoware