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13 Tools that can help a Startup to manage its Social Media

In the 11th of its Startup series, Company Connecting asked “When should you start thinking about social media". We received quite a response to the article. Several people wanted to get an understanding of what can be done with a tight budget and limited time.  This article provides a list of...

Company Connecting has researched thousands of tech companies and so far has identified 4,400 companies which provide tech, IT and telecoms products and services.

In a recent review of the current companies, and companies formed in the past three years, there appeared to be a disproportionate number of companies working in ‘Digital Marketing; which had been created or dissolved

Graph of the top 15 skills for Scottish Digital Marketing Companies accompanying the article "Scottish Digital Marketing Companies: A Company Connecting Infographic

When should you start thinking about Social media for your business? Right at the outset!

In this article, Janice Grant Shaw provides some insights into her experience with social media in the early stages of Company Connecting. She looks at where social media fits in during the early startup stage of a company.

The means of marketing a business has changed substantially over...

Hi Mario, You are an expat from Italy, why did you decide to come to Scotland? Why Aberdeen?

Picture of the Italian Fag and water accompanying the article The Italian: Mario Fucilli Digital Marketing student at Company Connecting

Interview with Liam Simpson: Company Connecting's Digital Marketing Intern

Interview with Liam Simpson, RGU student / CC Marketing intern: discussing the benefits of student placements and stepping into the unknown.

Interview with Liam Simpson, RGU student / CC Marketing intern: discussing the benefits of student placements and stepping into the unknown.

Photo of Krka National Park in Croatia accompanying interview with Liam Simpson, Digital marketing intern at Company Connecting

Keilidh Ewan, Marketing Manager for the Root-5 Group is today’s subject in our student and graduate series. Keilidh graduated from Robert Gordon University in 2013 with a degree in Commercial PhotographyShe tells her story of moving seamlessly into Digital Marketing because of her flexible attitude and positive approach to new challenges.

Photographo of Keilidh Ewan of TRACS and Tracker Environmental software accompanying her article on becoming a Marketing Manager

Our guest author this week is Kenneth Mackay of Initiative2. His article is informative, entertaining and may be considered controversial by some. He provides a 'guide' to Online Marketing, and the issues of who does what - i.e. differentiating between the IT and marketing skills needed. His defines online marketing as '...using the internet to promote a product, business or service.... to generate more business'.

The Creative Monkey on the back of IT. Online Marketing - not IT's job?