Digital Health

Digital Health or Digital Healthcare is an emerging industry that involves the use of information and communication technology to help tackle health problems and challenges faced by patients, as well as expediting various medical processes for the practitioner. The discipline includes both software and hardware solutions, and frequently a combination of both.

Have you ever thought about running a code sprint or wanted to find out more? Emma Findlow of Wallscope explains how Wallscope's recent event allowed them to explore new ideas and further their product development.

Image of the Wallscope code sprint accompanying the article What is a Code Sprint? Emma Findlow explains

Scottish Healthcare and Digital Health Infographic

ScotGov recently requested information on Scottish eHealth: to understand any IT industry there's nowhere better to look than Company Connecting's data.

Company Connecting's Scottish Healthcare and Digital Health infographic: response to ScotGov's recent request for information on digital health.

Company Connecting produce Infographic of Scottish Digital Health Info; Skills, Sector, Location and more

Scottish Government Calls for Information and Feedback on Digital Health Strategy

In recognition of the importance of the field, the Scottish Government has issued a request for people to give opinions & feedback on their approach to eHealth.

In response to growing recognition of the importance of eHealth development, ScotGov is calling for opinions and feedback on their approach to eHealth.

The Scottish Government is requesting feedback on Digital Health Strategy in Scotland

UK IT Companies Working in Healthcare/ Digital Health

Company Connecting Infographic of IT Companies working in Healthcare and Digital Health.

2017 Estonian Digital Health Series

The Company Connecting Estonian Digital Health series was sponsored by Connected Health Estonia. It is a fantastic series which give's a real insight to ten companies working within the Estonian digital...

Estonian Digital Health Series: Connected Health Cluster Interview

The companies featured in our Estonian Digital Health series belong to a cluster organisation called Connected Health. Today we publish our interview with them

Cognuse's mission is to help patients recovering from critical illness and eveyone in their care loop, including clinicians, caregivers and the patient’s families.

Cognuse Digital Health Logo eHealth

Estonian Digital Health Series: Medihub Story

A story from Medihub originally featured on the Connected Health website. A platform of medical services information & doctor's appointment booking services.