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From small to large scale business activities there are tens of thousands of processes that are technology based without which a business would definitely not be able to cope with the current industry trend. A survey that was conducted a few years ago by the US Small Business Administration revealed that almost 75% of small businesses made significant investment in new technologies to meet burgeoning markets and consumer demands. 

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We continue our series on R&D Tax relief with an article from our guest author,Mark Westwood of Jumpstart. He asks the question "Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?"

The UK’s technology sector is widely acknowledged as one of the fastest growing areas of the economy, with Prime Minister Theresa May describing it earlier this year as a "great British success story".

Image accompanying the article "Is the UK’s tech sector missing out on R&D tax relief?" The image asks 'How much is the average  R& D tax relief claim  for  Software Development?'

Looking at the Tech Nation 2017 Digital tech economy map, it looks like Scotland stops at Dundee: there's so much more in Scotland.

Company Connecting has researched the majority of IT companies registered in Scotland. We have maps for Scotland, by Council and by city as well as infographics on skills and company size. Glasgow and Edinburgh are by far the largest centres of IT with 518 and 516 IT companies respectively. Next up is Aberdeen with 195 IT companies, and Dundee is in fourth place with 75 companies.  Over the past year we have published infographics on all of the areas in Scotland. There are significant differences in the ski

Turing Talks Comes to Scotland!

Turing Talks, a one day conference held at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and hosted by the Turing Trust.

Scottish IT Companies Servicing the IT Industry

With this infographic, we've gone one step further with our follow up infographic focusing on IT companies servicing other IT companies

Our infographic on Scottish IT companies has attracted a lot of attention. Questions were raised about our information and how it may compare with other views of the Scottish IT industry.  One area of interest was that our stats show the IT sector as the biggest customer sector for IT companies.

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Continuing our Augmented Reality theme, Kate Stevenson of ARiiS is our nutshell this week. She has a varied background ranging from marketing and teaching to the fire service. She now works with Scott Mcleod at ARiiS providing and augmented reality interface facility between the physical and digital world.

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Get information on IT Companies in Scotland from the Company Connecting Infographics

We have published infographics on IT companies in Scotland for eight geographical areas. The infographics are summarised by company size, skills, business focus, and the sectors which are customers for the IT companies products and services. The infographics are interactive and include word...

In a Nutshell - our series of articles featuring people in the IT industry

We regularly feature people in the IT industry in our Nutshell series. There is such a diversity of skills, talent and people. Below are links to three of our Nutshells. REad all of them to find out whay we ahve a picture of Kylie. 

If you would like to be featured then please contact us...

Infographics: IT companies in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cambridgeshire areas

We have recently published infographics which provides an overview of the of the IT industry in the Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cambridgeshire areas. In all three areas more than 50% of the companies have Software Development as one of their skills, a significant majority of companies have less than...