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Scottish Healthcare and Digital Health Infographic

ScotGov recently requested information on Scottish eHealth: to understand any IT industry there's nowhere better to look than Company Connecting's data.

Scottish Government Calls for Information and Feedback on Digital Health Strategy

In recognition of the importance of the field, the Scottish Government has issued a request for people to give opinions & feedback on their approach to eHealth.

Student and Graduate Series: Hristina Dimitrova

 We spoke to Hristina, who just achieved a 1st for her thesis at RGU, looking at the usefulness of social media, and specifically how SMEs can utilise it.

Au Revoir Jordan: Interview with Company Connecting's Departing Marketing Guru

Before he leaves for a European adventure we interviewed our very own Jordan Watts on his experience of the industry as someone from a non-tech background.

How to Use the Company Connecting Search

You may have noticed Company Connecting has a search function on our site: here's how you can use it for you business purposes.

The Scottish Digital Economy Doesn't Stop at Dundee

Company Connecting disputes the apparent recent implication that Scotland's Digital Economy doesn't exist north of Dundee.

Turing Talks Comes to Scotland!

Turing Talks, a one day conference held at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and hosted by the Turing Trust.

UK IT Companies Working in Healthcare/ Digital Health

Company Connecting Infographic of IT Companies working in Healthcare and Digital Health.

The Student and Graduate Series: An Interview with Economics Student Mark Batunskiy

Latest instalment in the popular Student & Graduate Series features 2nd Year Economics & Finance student Mark Batunskiy, co-founder of Nameydo.

5 Steps to Selecting the Right IT Partner

Company Connecting recently launched a service to help non-IT companies through the minefield of selecting IT partners. 5 Steps to make the right decisions.