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Estonian Digital Health Series: Helmes story

Helmes is a software development company working in many sectors including finance, telecommunications, insurance, and crucially digital health.

Estonian Digital Health Series: An Interview with SoftComply

SoftComply's motivation is helping to get new high value healthcare technologies to market and navigating things like European CE / US FDA regulations.

Estonian Digital Health Series: Opus story

Opus is a company offering web development services, software products and software services. They've made a significant contribution to eHealth development activities.

Estonian Digital Health Series: An Interview with Medikeep

MediKeep is a company developing an app which manages a patient’s medicine and tracks their health and supplements, all within their own home.

Estonian Digital Health Series: LabToWellness Story

An Estonian digital health company who help to make often complex health information, understandable and presentable to patients.

Estonian Digital Health Series: Diagnostic Match Interview

Estonia has a significant HIV problem: highest incidence rates in Europe and 24 new cases per 100K people each year. Diagnostic Match came about as a solution.

Estonian Digital Health Series at Company Connecting

Over the course of the next week, we will be featuring ten of Estonia's best Digital Health companies which tackle all areas of digital health.

The Start Up Series by Company Connecting. Parts Two and Three.

Continuing the Start Up series by Janice Grant-Shaw. Looking at converting ideas into a business.

Sexism is alive and well, and it's not funny.

In reaction to the 'Legs-it' Daily Mail headline, CC Director Janice Grant-Shaw wrote an article about her own experiences of sexism in the tech industry.

The Start Up Series by Company Connecting. Part One.

Revisiting the CC Start Up series - a range of pieces on Company Connecting's own early journey by director Janice Grant Shaw.