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The Scottish Digital Economy Doesn't Stop at Dundee

Company Connecting disputes the apparent recent implication that Scotland's Digital Economy doesn't exist north of Dundee.

Turing Talks Comes to Scotland!

Turing Talks, a one day conference held at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh and hosted by the Turing Trust.

UK IT Companies Working in Healthcare/ Digital Health

Company Connecting Infographic of IT Companies working in Healthcare and Digital Health.

The Student and Graduate Series: An Interview with Economics Student Mark Batunskiy

Latest instalment in the popular Student & Graduate Series features 2nd Year Economics & Finance student Mark Batunskiy, co-founder of Nameydo.

5 Steps to Selecting the Right IT Partner

Company Connecting recently launched a service to help non-IT companies through the minefield of selecting IT partners. 5 Steps to make the right decisions.

Elevator seeks ambitious entrepreneurs in the North East of Scotland - Deadline 5th May

Elevator runs an intensive 12-week Accelerator Programme to enhance business concepts and build the knowledge base and network of entrepreneurs. 

The Student and Graduate Series: Iona Murray of Wallet.Services

Next instalment in our Student & Graduate series: we spoke to Iona Murray of Wallet.Services who's also studying Marketing & Business in Edinburgh.

2017 Estonian Digital Health Series

Company Connecting has now completed it’s Estonian Digital Health series which was sponsored by Connected Health Estonia. It was a fantastic series which gave a real insight to ten companies working...

Glasgow Based E-Learning Start Up Klik2Learn Begins Anti-Poverty Journey

UK start-up pioneering technology that could help fight poverty by allowing millions to learn to read and write in English using their mobile phones

Estonian Digital Health Series: Cognuse Interview

‘Our mission is to help patients recovering from critical illness and everyone in their care loop, including clinicians, caregivers and the patient’s families.’