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A quick look at the IT market in Romania

Our Company Connecting intern Delia Bulgaru is from Romania. She has spoken wiht tech people in Romania and carried out research into the development of technology in Romaina.

Romania has a long history with computing being one of the first countries to manufacture electronic computers....

A look at North East England's tech landscape

We are currently researching and adding IT companies in the North East of England. It’s clear that the tech industry is buzzing in the area. There are loads of IT companies, vibrant University communities, and organisations supporting tech initiatives.

Steve Ross of Shackleton Technologies: In a Nutshell


Steve Ross of Shackleton Technologies is the subject of this weeks nutshell. Steve is Managing Director of Shackleton Technologies, an IT Managed Services Provider headquartered in Dundee and...

How to find help with cyber security and what to look for

We’re looking at Cyber Security again! We have published many diverse article on different aspects of Cyber Security –  click here for our back catalogue on Cyber Security

You don't have to have a company as big as...

So.... what is SEO?

SEO is an ever changing part of the internet and marketing. Google, Bing and other search engines change how they rank websites every year. 

But there are a few tips that remain fairly consistent. Generally it takes time but there are a bunch of tools that can help you with SEO. 

Things you should look at before making a startup

Read this great article on tech startups and a few things you should consider before you spend huge amounts of time and money on an idea.

With 90% of startups failing it can really be a tough world but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. You can view the article ...

Let's cut the bullsh*t around the term Artificial Intelligence

It can seem that the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is becoming synonymous with the term ‘technology’ – and is used pretty indiscriminately.

Our guest author, Antero Duarte of Wallscope takes a wry, irreverent and somewhat insightful...

In a nutshell with Company Connecting intern Delia Bulgaru

Our Company Connecting intern, Delia Bulgaru is the focus of our latest Nutshell. Delia is a media student at RGU and is interested in social media, PR, advertising and film. She is working for Company Connecting and is a bit of a whizz kid with Instagram.

Our nutshell series provides a...

The different faces of Artificial Intelligence

Over the years we have published many different articles on Artificial Intelligence. The articles range from our infographic insights to the type of companies that are working in AI and ML, to interviews with students and academics.

Below is a selection of some of the articles. We will...

Infographic: 123 AI, ML and Analytics tech companies

Our Company Connecting Infographic looks at 123 tech companies with skills in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Neural Networks and Analytics.