Something to hide: VPNs and Proxies

This week at Company Connecting we’ve been privileged to published a series of articles by Professor Bill Buchanan on Cyber Security and Cyber Crime. Bill is a Scottish computer scientist who leads the Centre for Distributed Computing and Security at Edinburgh Napier University, as well as The Cyber Academy. With over twenty-seven publications and a wealth of Academic papers he is a truly insightful voice in Cyber Security and Cyber Crime.

So far this week we’ve featured Bill’s ‘The Three T’s’ series of articles discussing three pieces of software, which feature encryption, privacy and anonymity at their core. In his final two-part article for Company Connecting, Bill turns his attention to VPN’s and Proxies. Part 1 features Bill’s insights on the misuse of VPN’s and the subsequent action streaming services like Netflix have taken as a result.  Part 2 tackles the legality of VPN and IP address misuse and examines the UAE’s recent legislation designed to counter their use. Read both Part 1 and 2 in the links below:

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