Scottish Digital Marketing Companies: A Company Connecting Infographic

Company Connecting recently reviewed its database of tech, IT and telecoms companies, along with companies formed in the past three years. There appeared to be a disproportionate number of companies working in ‘Digital Marketing’ which had been created or dissolved.

This inspired us to take a closer look at the Digital Marketing companies. There are some significant differences between these companies and the other tech companies on the Company Connecting database. There are differences in the size of the companies, the sectors they work in, as well as their key skills. This infographic conctrates purely on the 264 companies we have identified as having digital marketing skills. Future infographics will examine those involved in Web Design and Development (almost 1,000), and provide the ability to compare the information across sectors, geographies etc.

Click on the link below to see the full article and infographic as well as further infographics and maps.

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