Pathfinder Accelerator helps save you from the Zombies. Startup series: Part Six

Company Connecting participated in the Pathfinder Accelerator run by Highlands & Islands Enterprise. We recently had our 'final' session and it seems timely to write about the experience. It also complements Mark Gillanders' article on the Value Proposition which we published last week. The Accelerator uses the Business Model Canvas (BMC) as the structure for companies to follow through on their Customer Discovery and Value Proposition. Ten companies participated in the Accelerator, all from life sciences and technology background. Although we were a pretty varied bunch, there was also considerable commonality. Listening to the experience of other companies was extremely helpful as was their input.

The article is a brief summary of the Accelerator experience. In the future we will write further articles about Pathfinder and the impact it has had on Company Connecting.

Some words and phrases that are now burnt into my psyche: Customer Journey, Value Proposition, Pains and Gains, and watch out for the zombies!

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