Navigating Health Data Security: An Interview with

So far this week Company Connecting has brought you a range of articles on Digital Health from Sarah Iqbal of Biotaware, and they've all offered a fantastic insight into the field of digital health. To close out the week we take in a new perspective on digital health by speaking to Jovan Stevovic of, a company who specialise in providing health data security platforms and EU law navigation for EU digital health firms. 

Jovan offers some real inisghts into some of the exciting work going on in the European Union on Digital Health, and the company has a truly European background to reflect that. Developed in Italy, hosted in Germany, and marketed to the whole of the European Union. The interview offers some real depth on the issues facing digital health companies, from data security to the reels of litigation involved in a sensitive a subject as healthcare. You can read the full article, and previous insights through the links below: 


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Navigating Health Data Security: An Interview with The Digital Health Industry by Sarah Iqbal of Biotaware Ltd.The Role of Wearables in Digital Health | Company ConnectingDigital Health Series: An interview with Biotaware Ltd