LinkyBrains in North East Scotland

Are you a LinkyBrain? Based in North East Scotland - or Scotland?

LinkyBrains is a movement to connect people who think a bit differently. They may be misunderstood, frustrated and can appear abrupt or even rude at times. They have an ability to see or understand things – but when called upon to explain their concepts etc. they may run into blank expressions and a whole heap of frustration.

LinkyBrains was started by Doug Scott, Alex Dunsdon and Chris Tottman. The website provides more details and access to all the social media channels set up for LinkyBrains. People can contribute, follow social media, attend meetings etc.

Who knows where LinkyBrains is going – there is no plan – let’s see what happens. There are already meetings organised all around the world for like minded people to meet up. I’m organising a LinkyBrain meetings in North East of Scotland and potentially elsewhere in Scotland depending on interest. There is also a linkedin post with loads of comments – so you can either add your comment on Linkedin  or contact me (Janice Grant Shaw) at Company Connecting.

I will publish more information once I have the meeting date and location set up for the first meeting.

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