IT companies with SEO skills: Company Connecting Insights

Are you looking for a company that can help you with SEO? 

This week our Company Connecting Insights concentrate on IT companies working in SEO. This is a broad category and includes many different types of companies e.g. web developers, SEO specialist, Marketing and branding companies. So an interesting mixture of the creative and the technical.

Earlier in the week we featured Kenneth Mackay of Initiative2, who shared his IT journey in a Nutshell. Kenneth wrote a thought provoking and some may consider a controversial article on Online Marketing. You can read more in the links below.

We have published an interactive map of the IT companies involved in SEO, as well as an infographic which provides further insights. In Scotland, Glasgow and Edinburgh dominate the SEO scene, however there are SEO companies throughout Scotland e.g. Fort William, Isle of Lewis, the Borders etc.

Companies tend to be smaller than the ‘average’ company on Company Connecting, with 83% of the companies having less than 10 employees against our average of 65%

Please follow the links below to read our articles and insights into IT companies working within SEO.

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IT companies with SEO skills: Company Connecting InsightsInteractive Map of IT Companies with SEO skills: Company Connecting insightsOnline Marketing is not IT’s job: SEO, SEM, and PPC. What’s that got to do with IT?In a Nutshell with Kenneth Mackay of Initiative2