Insights on Scottish tech companies formed in the recent years

Company Connecting researched 5,000 Scottish tech companies registered with Companies House between October 2014 and December 2017. We have created a database with a considerable amount of data which we use to gain insights into these new Scottish tech companies. This complements our existing databases on Scottish, and UK wide tech companies as well as those we have started researching in other geographies.

The next step is to tag all the new companies according to their skills, size, sectors and competency. We expect to complete this activity in February. Our article provides insights into the nature of recently formed Scottish Tech companies. This information will be of interest to anyone in the private or public sector organisations who needs a thorough understanding of the Scottish technology market. We carry out similar activities for other geographies too i.e. the rest of the UK, Estonia

This research adds to the current Company Connecting database of information on Scottish tech companies. We now have detailed information on over 5,000 tech companies of which 3,000 are in Scotland. We have expanded this to include other parts of the UK as well as high tech countries like Estonia.


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