2018 Infographic on Financial Services Companies Compared to Scottish IT Companies

Financial Services is one of the fastest growing Sectors in Scottish IT companies. In our latest infographic we will be diving into the details of the Financial Services Companies and comparing them with all the Scottish IT companies. 10% of Scottish IT companies have Financial Services as a Sector

Some quick stats on the 289 IT companies with Financial Services as a Sector:

  • Companies with financial services account for 55% of the very large companies (i.e. those with 5000+ personnel)
  • 42% of all IT companies providing services and products in the financial services area have software development skill. The Scottish average is 31%
  • Six sectors are shared between the companies  i.e. SME, IT, Oil & Gas, Retail & Consumer Goods, Public Sector and Healthcare

To see the full infographic click on the link below.

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