2017 Estonian Digital Health Series

The Company Connecting Estonian Digital Health series was sponsored by Connected Health Estonia. It is a fantastic series which give's a real insight to ten companies working within the Estonian digital health industry.

The series covers a range of different services, products and technologies: from algorithms to aid the early diagnosis of individuals with HIV+, to a company who helps patients to make sense of their lab results.

It’s clear that Estonia is an incredibly innovative country when it comes to digital health. Both in terms of supporting and investing in such technologies, but also in the early embrace of such technology within their own healthcare provisions. We spoke to the likes of  Helmes, whose services are used to deliver 97% of the prescriptions in Estonia, all done digitally.

Below you can find the links to all the blogs and interviews with all ten companies featured in the series. And for anyone interested in more information on any of the companies featured, or on the Estonian digital health market itself, do visit the Connected Health website.

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