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The Scottish Digital Economy Doesn't Stop at Dundee

Company Connecting disputes the apparent recent implication that Scotland's Digital Economy doesn't exist north of Dundee.

Glasgow Looks to the Future: A Growing Tech Economy

Company Connecting’s latest article focuses on Glasgow and how it fits into the UK tech landscape. 

Android Skills In the UK: Infographic

The vast majority of mobiles in circulation are Android, so it’s clear how Android skills influence a country’s ability to exist in the Mobile industry.

Venturefest Scotland 2017: Grow a Business through Innovation

Venturefest Scotland will help growing companies & ambitious entrepreneurs with innovation. To feature CC's own entrepreneur / founder Janice Grant-Shaw.

Edinburgh vs Cambridge: Infographic

Infographic from Company Connecting showing how the IT / tech industries of Edinburgh and Cambridge compare.

Connect with IT Solutions for Business : Define Search Match

New service from Company Connecting & Analysis Logic helps companies find the right IT solutions to their business problems

What Professional Services do IT Companies need?

Company Connecting are looking for your feedback on the Professional Services your IT company needs to connect with.

10 Reasons to Register with Company Connecting

10 reasons why registering with Company Connecting is essential for anyone involved in IT or even non-IT business.

Cyber Essentials Part 2: Cyber Aggress Interview

The second half of Company Connecting's focus on CyberAggress and their Cyber Essentials work: An interview with CyberAggress’ own David Evans.

Cyber Security Infographic: How Secure is Scotland?

Company Connecting is in a unique position to provide insight into Scotland's tech industries. This time we're looking at how Scotland is progressing in the hugely important field of Cyber Security.